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Times Monday 4/21
 12:00am Russell Realty Wrap-Up
 12:30am Worcester Auto Showcase
  1:00am Paid Programming
  1:30am Paid Programming
  2:00am Paid Programming
  2:30am Paid Programming
  3:00am Paid Programming
  3:30am Paid Programming
  4:00am Paid Programming
  4:30am Paid Programming
  5:00am Paid Programming
  5:30am Fidelity Bank TV
  6:00am The Hank Stolz Experience
  6:30am Worcester Auto Showcase II
  7:00am The Paul Westcott Show
  7:30am continues
  8:00am continues
  8:30am continues
  9:00am Daily Mass
  9:30am Diocesan Special
10:00am Paid Programming
10:30am Paid Programming
11:00am Paid Programming
11:30am Cargill Chevrolet
12:00pm The Hank Stolz Experience
12:30pm Cargill Chevrolet
  1:00pm Paid Programming
  1:30pm Growing Bolder
  2:00pm Paid Programming
  2:30pm Russell Realty Wrap-Up
  3:00pm The Jordan Levy Show
  3:30pm continues
  4:00pm continues
  4:30pm continues
  5:00pm continues
  5:30pm continues
  6:00pm Worcester News Tonight
  6:30pm Worcester News Tonight
  7:00pm Central Mass Chronicles
  7:30pm Chamber Exchange
  8:00pm Paid Programming
  8:30pm The Hank Stolz Experience
  9:00pm Worcester News Tonight
  9:30pm Fidelity Bank TV
10:00pm Worcester News Tonight 10pm Update
10:30pm Cargill Chevrolet
11:00pm Worcester News Tonight 10pm Update
11:30pm Worcester News Tonight 10pm Update